Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Preorder News: LEGO Death Star

10143 Death Star II
Construct the galaxy's ultimate battle station!
No one who saw the dreaded Death Star in the classic Star Wars films could ever forget it. Now you can build your own to add to your LEGO® Star Wars collection! This incredibly detailed and faithful replica of the Death Star II from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi will make an awesome addition to any Star Wars collection. The partially constructed Death Star looms in space above the forest moon of Endor, super laser ready to fire. This unique collectable is sure to rank as one of the greatest LEGO Star Wars models ever produced!
Includes display stand and Imperial Star Destroyer to scale.
Measures a full 25 inches (65 cm) high and 19 inches (50 cm) wide (including stand).

Retail Price around S$600 +/-
Member's Price: 20% off
Elite Member's Price: 22% off (only available to 1 per Elite member)
Preorder with non-refundable S$180 deposit - preorder available only for Simply Toys members.
ETA: 1st week May 2006
* Limited stocks available!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Preorder News: Gentle Giant The Corpse Bride Victor Statue

Warner Bros. and Tim Burton team up in the story of The Corpse Bride releasing in 2005. Johnny Depp voices Victor, who is set to marry Victoria. In the wake of a disastrous rehearsal, Victor goes into the woods to practices his vows. He even goes so far as to place the wedding ring meant for Victoria onto a tree root. Victor does the vows so perfectly that the tree root grabs hold of him. The root reveals itself as the decaying corpse of a woman wearing the tattered remains of a wedding gown. It’s the Corpse Bride.

Recreating the moment when Victor Van Dort places the wedding ring for his bride-to-be onto the Corpse Bride, mistaking her arm for a root from a nearby tree. Now betrothed to a woman from the Land of the Dead, Victor has to escape from the madness to return to his world to figure out how to fix this situation, while still preparing himself for married life!

GG7757 8.5 inches Victor Statue
UPC: 871810001255
Retail Price: S$289.90 (S$275.50)
Member's Price: S$261 (S$247.95)
Elite Member's Price: S$248 (S$235.60)
Preorder with S$80 deposit. Confirmed preorder ends 10th April. Preorder before 10th April 2006 and get 5% off respective prices.
ETA: September 2006

Preorder News: Gentle Giant Animated Boba Fett Maquette

During the time of the Empire, Boba Fett emerged as the preeminent bounty hunter of the galaxy. A faceless enforcer, Boba Fett's distinctive armor strikes fear in the hearts of fugitives. He is all business, laconic, and deadly.

GG8405 Animated Boba Fett Maquette
UPC: 871810000654
Retail Price: S$150 (S$142.50)
Member's Price: S$135 (S$128.25)
Elite Member's Price: S$132 (S$125.40)
Preorder with S$35 deposit. Confirmed preorder ends 10th April 2006. Preorder before 10th April and get 5% off respective prices.
ETA: August 2006

Preorder News: Gentle Giant General Grievous Mini Bust

GG7554 1:6 Scale 8" General Grievous Mini Bust
UPC: 871810002726
Retail Price: S$99.90 (S$94.90)
Member's Price: S$90 (S$85.50)
Elite Member's Price: S$88 (S$83.60)
Preorder with S$30 deposit (Preorder before 10th April and get 5% off respective prices)
ETA: October 2006

Preorder News: Sideshow 12" Darth Vader / Sith Apprentice Action Figure

“Darth Vader… rise!”

The San Diego Comic-Con version of the Anakin Skywalker figure reveals Anakin at his most malevolent, with pale skin and fiery Sith eyes. The figure includes an all-new lava droid base, so that you can reenact the famous duel on Mustafar, and each figure is packaged in a red-themed Lords of the Sith box!

SS2139 12" Sith Apprentice Action Figure

UPC: 747720209107

San Diego Comic Convention and International Exclusive
Retail Price: S$99.90
Member's Price: S$90 (S$85.50)
Elite Member's Price: S$88 (S$83.60)
L.E. 6000
Status: Preorder with S$30 deposit, all preorders get 5% off respective prices, last date for discounted and confirmed preorders: 12th May 2006 or while stocks last as we will have limited pieces.
ETA: 3rd Quarter 2006

The 12-inch Darth Vader • Sith Apprentice figure includes:
• Authentic likeness of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, with Sith eyes!
• Fully articulated male body with 30+ points of articulation
• Authentic costume including undershirt, jerkin, pants, and boots.
• Accessories include:
◦ Hooded cloak
◦ Detailed belt w/ lightsaber hook, opening pouches
◦ All-new Lava Droid Base
◦ Jedi Food Capsules
◦ Jedi Aqua Breather
◦ Jedi Holoprojector
◦ Jedi Comm-link
◦ Lightsaber hilt
◦ Lightsaber hilt w/ ignited blade
◦ Interchangeable right arms, including:
· Arm with robotic hand and forearm
· Arm with gloved hand and forearm
◦ Interchangeable hands, including:
- Force Wield left hand
- Saber grip left hand

Within the heart of the Republic’s favorite son, a growing firestorm is gathering strength. Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi idealism has been tarnished by the corrosive effects of the prolonged conflict. The young Knight has seen death and suffered much in the long war. His duel with the would-be Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, and the dismemberment inflicted upon him by Count Dooku, have left him scarred, but his inner wounds are more extensive still. Misgivings and doubt, fueled by fear of loss and by pride, gnaw at Anakin. His secret love and for Senator Amidala and the child she carries fosters a growing resentment of the stark law of the Order, which forbids attachment. The fear of losing those he loves, a seed planted with the death of his mother and nourished by prophetic nightmares, now drives Anakin’s actions. And ever in his ear, the soft deceptions of the Supreme Chancellor nourishes the young man’s vanity, insidiously wilting his Jedi humility, burning a wedge between him and his dearest friend and mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Is he not the Chosen One, the greatest Jedi to have ever lived? Why then, should he be bound by rules designed to limit his power?

As the war enters its final, dramatic days, the fiery turmoil within Anakin Skywalker burns stronger than ever. Tortured by his dreams of Padmè’s death, Anakin makes the ultimate choice and submits to Palpatine’s insidious overtures, accepting the Chancellor’s dominion in exchange for the dark side’s power- the power to control his destiny and that of those around him- the power to end the war and remake the galaxy under his will.

The Jedi, those who have sought to limit and control him, now suffer the scorching of Anakin’s fiery wrath. No longer a Jedi Knight, but a vengeful Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader leads an army into the Jedi Temple on a mission of murder and destruction, and none- not the brave, nor the mighty, nor the innocent- can withstand his coming. Friendship and loyalty will burn to stoke the fires of rage as the Sith take their revenge and the Empire is born.

Sculptor: Andy Bergholtz
Product Type: 12 inch Figure
Product Size: 12" H (304mm)*
Est. Box Size: 14” H x 7” W x 5” D *
Product Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.30 Kg) *
* Product size and weight are approximate values. Weight is an estimated value calculated by item, box and shipping materials.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shipping Newsflash - Gentle Giant/Master Replicas/Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles arriving by mid April
- SS7143 1:4 Scale Predator Maquette
- SS7141 1:4 Scale Obi-wan Kenobi Statue
- SS5603 12" The Kurgan Action Figure
- SS8301 1:1 Scale Terminator TX Head/Bust
- SS7313 12" Jason X Action Figure
- SS2104 12" Luke Skywalker Action Figure
- SS2909 1:1 Scale Darth Maul Bust

Gentle Giant arriving by mid April
- Luke and Taun Taun Statue
- Emperor Palpatine Bust
- Darth Maul USA version Statue - in stock now!
- Harry Potter Dobby Mini Bust
- Harry Potter Dementor Mini Bust
- Corpse Bride Maggot Statue
- Corpse Bride Statue

Master Replicas arriving by early April
- Obi-wan Kenobi .45 Scale Weathered Edition lightsaber
- Mace Windu .45 Scale lightsaber
- Anakin Skywalker EPII .45 Scale lightsaber
- Imperial AT-AT Walker Signature Edition - in stock now!
- Luke Skywalker EPIV LE Lightsaber

Friday, March 03, 2006

Sideshow Lord of the Rings Statues to Clear

Sauron Statues x 3
- with slight chips/hairline cracks to the Helms.
- with proper skills, statues can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$325! - 50% OFF

Gandalf on Shadowfax Statues x 3
- with slight problems to statues.
- with proper skills, statue can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$336! - 40% OFF

King of the Dead Statues x 3
- with slight problems to statues.
- with proper skills, statue can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$189! - 40% OFF

Lady Galadriel Statues x 2
- Jug detached from statues.
- with proper skills, statues can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$138! - 40% OFF

Legolas Statue x 1
- knives detached from back of statue
- with proper skills, statue can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$138! - 40% OFF

Balrog Statues x 2
- minor chips and/or paint problems
- with proper skills, statue can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$162! - 40% OFF

Shelob Statue x 1
- portion of the body of spider detached from the statue
- with proper skills, statue can easily be restored to original condition
NOW: S$157.50! - 50% OFF

Easterling Statue x 1
- broken shield
- a shield is recently spotted for sale on
NOW: S$180! - 40% OFF

All items are available for viewing at Raffles Place showroom now. Items will be sold as they are complete with original boxes and/or shipper boxes.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Simply Toys Spring Cleaning SALE at Far East Plaza

1st March to 31st March 2006
Location: Far East Plaza showroom
Everything going at 20% off prices for items you see in the store!
*except consignment and sale items
Disney Store Pooh Beanbags - Buy 1 Get 1 Free!
20% off LEGO
20% off Master Replicas Prop Replicas
20% off Sideshow 12" Figures, Statues, Busts
20% Gentle Giant Busts, Statues, Dioramas
20% off Sega Plush Toys
20% off Disney Figures
20% off Beanie Babies
and many more...