Monday, May 07, 2007

Shipment News: Sideshow and Medicom Items

We will have in stock around 15-16th May the following items:

SIDESHOW 12" Action Figures
SS8304 12" Sarah Connor from Terminator
SS20191 12" Giles Sideshow Exclusive
SS7730 12" Tuxedo Connery Legacy Bond
SS7734 12" Tuxedo Lazenby Legacy Bond

SIDESHOW 1:4 Scale Statue
SS7162 1:4 Scale KISS the Catman

MED4327 12" RAH Spider-man 3 Venom (for all who have preordered)
MED4328 12" RAH Spider-man 3 Spider-man (only for those contacted via email)
MED4329 12" RAH Spider-man 3 Black Spider-man (only for those contacted via email)
MED4330 Spider-man Vinyl Collecible Doll
MED4331 Black Spider-man Vinyl Collecible Doll
MED4332 Venom Vinyl Collecible Doll