Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Preview: Master Replicas SW616 Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set

SW-616 Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set

Construct your own Force FX Lightsaber and release your inner Jedi or Sith. Choose to Embrace the Good or the Dark side of the force. Just like Darth Vader, you can change your ways and change your Lightsaber. The only limit is your imagination!

Features a new Tri Colour LED Blade and different sound samples depending on blade colour.
More than 1000 possible combinations.
Powered by 3xAAA Batteries.

Sample piece available for viewing at Raffles Place Branch.

Updated on 1st February 2008...
Price: S$229.90, Members: S$200, Elite Members: S$196
Status: In Stock now for retail, wholesale and export sales

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